Water/Ways Exhibit Features SJRBC

January 24, 2019

The Niles District Library is hosting a Smithsonian exhibit called Water/Ways, which explores the essential role water plays in our environment and society. The exhibit will be on display until February 16th before continuing its tour around the country. While here in our watershed, it features a special panel on the St. Joseph River and its significance within the larger Great Lakes Basin.

A variety of programs were organized in conjunction with the exhibit including FLOW in the St. Joe presented by SJRBC Director Matt Meersman on January 24th. For love of water in the St. Joe, Matt tries to inspire people to make positive changes through better understanding of the problems facing our waterways. He provided an overview of the St. Joseph River and its watershed while addressing current and historic threats to the river's health. Matt also highlighted actions individuals and local governments can take to protect and improve our waterways.

Kelsey Hammon of the Niles Daily Star wrote an article about the presentation.

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