Cobus Creek Watershed - HUC #040500012203

Cobus Creek Watershed is located in both Michigan and Indiana: Cass County, MI and Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties in Indiana. Its 23,413 acres are composed primarily of agriculture in the north, developed residential and commercial land uses in the south, and forest and wetlands sprinkled among several surface water bodies. Many residents live in close proximity to Cobus Creek or one of the watershed’s seven lakes and many are very interested in preserving the health of their creek, lakes, and the 1,600 acres of wetlands associated with them. This watershed is especially unique in that it is one of the very few cool-water streams in Indiana supporting a naturally reproducing population of brown trout, walleye, and blue gill, making it a popular spot for local anglers. These attributes help explain why Cobus Creek Watershed is held in such high regard by its landowners and stakeholders. A Watershed Diagnostic Study was completed for Cobus Creek in 2017.

“Beyond its ecological importance… Cobus Creek provides significant social and economic benefits to the residents of Michiana through recreational and quality of life benefits, and increased property values.”

- Biological Community Assessments of Cobus Creek (2014)

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Size: 23,413 ac.


Population: Approx. 15,600 residents


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