Program Started

July 2021
New water monitoring program assesses stream health using macroinvertebrate as biological indicators.

North Branch
Elkhart River
Streamgage Installation

November 2020
Three new CrowdHydrology streamgages installed in the North Branch of the Elkhart River Watershed.

North Branch
Elkhart River
Planning Project

November 2020
A flood risk management plan was developed to assess the overall health of the North Branch of the Elkhart River.

Better Drain

October 2020
The Commission is working with local drainage officials to create incentives for conservation.

Tree Canopy

May 2020
Tree canopy assessments identify priority planting locations to maximize stormwater uptake in six local communities.

Cobus Creek
Feasibility Study
Public Meeting

June 25, 2019
A public meeting is planned to discuss stream assessment results and recommendations.

Features SJRBC

January 24, 2019
Water/Ways exhibit explores the essential role water plays in our environment and society.

HB 1089
To Expand Scope

January 3, 2018
State Representative David Ober introduced a bill to expand the scope and powers of the SJRBC to address flooding issues in the basin.

Water Monitoring Report Now

July 5, 2017
The final report of the SJRBC Water Monitoring program is now available for download.

Final Cobus Creek Watershed Study
Now Available

April 1, 2017
The Cobus Creek Watershed Diagnostic Study has been approved by the IDNR and is now available for download.

Draft Cobus Creek Watershed Study Available For Review

March 9, 2017
The Cobus Creek Watershed Diagnostic Study Draft is now available for public comment and review through March 24, 2017.

Second Public Meeting of Cobus Creek Watershed Study

November 2, 2016
On November 15, 2016 we will be presenting preliminary results and management recommendations of the Cobus Creek study.

Public Meeting to Kickoff Cobus Creek Watershed Study

January 12, 2016
Join us January 25, 2016 as we discuss the upcoming study and how you can be more involved.

2016 Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy Sponsorship Awarded

December 22, 2015
Randy Sexton, Noble County Surveyor, has been awarded sponsorship to attend the 2016 Watershed Leadership Academy.

Work to Begin on
Cobus Creek
Watershed Study

December 8, 2015
Cobus Creek Watershed diagnostic study work will be starting in January.

2016 Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy Sponsorship

September 2, 2015
The SJRBC is now accepting applications for sponsorship to attend the 2016 Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy.

New LARE Grant
to Fund Cobus
Creek Study

August 5, 2015
The SJRBC will be completing a watershed diagnostic study on Cobus Creek Watershed.

2015 Contractor's Stormwater

March 30, 2015
Register to learn more about the most current stormwater and erosion control practices and information.

$6.8 million
coming to the
St. Joseph River Basin

January 15, 2015
The USDA'S Regional Conservation Partnership Program funds the St. Joseph River Watershed Conservation Partnership.

SJRBC Filter Strip Initative Informational Meeting

January 5, 2015
Come learn more about the St. Joseph River Basin Commission's Indiana Filter Strip Initiative and how you can partcipate.

2015 IDEM MS4 Community Good House-Keeping Audit

January 5, 2015
IDEM's Office of Water Quality will be conducting a state-wide MS4 Permitee audits throughout the 2015 calendar year.