Fawn River Watershed - HUC #0405000108

Fawn River Watershed is located in LaGrange and Steuben Counties, Indiana and Branch and St. Joseph Counties, Michigan, encompassing 165,361 acres of drainage basin. Wetlands were once found in abundance in this watershed; many have since been drained for farmland due to their exceptionally fertile soils. Fawn River Watershed does not lack environmental charisma however, with over 26,000 acres of wetlands remaining, 2,000 lakes, and the Fawn River, an IDNR listed outstanding ecological resource and designated canoe route. The problems contributing to water impairments vary between the 9 subwatersheds but recent water sampling has identified elevated levels of E. coli in more populous areas while Nitrates and Phosphorus were more prominent in the more rural subwatersheds

Watershed Maps

Size: 165,361 ac.

Subwatersheds: 9


Population: Approx. 35,440


Notable Tributaries: 299 mi open channels

Environmental Concerns:

Unique Resources:

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